The Stitch visit Lambeth Country Show



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Lambeth is full of amazing things: far too many to list. But the best of all has to be the Lambeth Country Show.  We decided we had to be part of it.

Of course, all of us here love handicrafts and handmade trinkets so when we heard of the handicraft competition, we just had to enter something.  The only problem was that during the last few weeks we had been so busy making bits & bobs for the stall at The Feast (as well as fascinators to show off at tea parties and other summer parties and celebrations).  So we did not have anything that we thought would be worth entering.

Although… hang on a second… back in March, just as the spring was clawing its way past winter, we spent several Saturdays making a lovely banner for our friends at the Norwood Bzz Garage.

Our proud creation displayed :)

Our proud creation displayed 🙂

If there was something worthy of entering into this handicrafts competition, that banner was definitely it!  It had turned out so well that, perhaps, we would be in with a chance of winning.  And if not, it would still be great to showcase to the rest of Lambeth what us folk from West Norwood can achieve when we pool our stitching and gardening powers.

So after a few tweaks, (replacing a lost bee and a couple of flowers), the banner made its journey to the Lambeth Country Show.  It was so big that it couldn’t fit in the area with all of the other handicrafts!  It had to have it’s own table to be exhibited.  Seeing it displayed, it filled me with pride.  It looked amazing!  But it wasn’t simply the beauty of the banner, but the beauty of what people can achieve when they get together and share skills.


Sadly though, we did not win.

But we did get awarded with the HIGHLY COMMENDED badge.


While I was standing there trying to figure out which of the crocheted flowers I had made I overheard the stewards talking about it;  they said our exhibit should have won because the kids just loved the little bees and kept coming back to it.  Proud as punch.  

But as they say… the important thing is not the winning, but the taking part that counts.

A fantastic weekend!

Here’s a few other entries that made us smile:

photo 3

photo 2

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