Sensory Blankets, Japanese Knot Bags & Summer breaks

Sensory Blankets continued…

We ended up with so many blankets – it was a great fun project that was quite ‘freeing’ in that you can pick out buttons, zips and toys… even old CD/DVD’s and any odd bits of fabric that you have no idea what to do with but has a great texture to touch and explore.

Each blanket was backed with fleece fabric and they are rather warm to have on your lap – we couldn’t help but touch all the different textures and items that have been added to each of them.

Japanese Knot Bags

We also made some project bags – they make great gift bags too, the Japanese Knot Bag is great for holding your stitch session work 🙂

You can find the free sewing pattern on Helen Heath website

I can’t find the flat project bag pattern we used for the stitch session but this is very similar and it doesn’t have darts to create the curved bottom so it’s a lot easier 🙂

The strap and top of the bag can be folded over so you have a little fabric bucket to pull out pins, threads etc when needed – then close it up and it’s ready for your next making session 🙂

Summer Break for The Stitch!?

There will be some breaks coming up for The Stitch group due to people being away for holidays and work commitments so some of the sessions have been cancelled.

It’s thought that August may have be a summer break for the group and this weekend – the 23rd July could be the last session for awhile.

Here’s are Google Calendar and sign up page or use the link below if you just want to jump to the form.

You can opt to have an email sent which we try to send each week saying what that weeks theme is or any other news – Email Notification

Hope everyone is enjoying the heat wave rather than turning bright (painful) red like me 😉




Pin Cushions, The Magic Threader and Maddisons

The (now huge) bag of goodies that are to be sold at The Feast on the 7th June is getting bit and this Saturday’s Stitchees made lots of pin cushions and cushion covers for the stall – we evan had two boys help make labels in preparation for the stall. They even left comments on our wipe-board saying they really enjoyed themselves and want to come back. 😀

Some of the finished ‘products’ for The Feast stall 🙂

We spent some time cooing over a magic needle threader… never thought I personally would do that but seriously, it was cool. Pop the needle in, press the little leaver and the needle comes out threaded and there is a little blade to cut the end of the thread.

If you are like me and starting to need magnifying glasses to thread needles then this is fab!

I did see a tutorial over on Creativebug that said you should ‘needle your thread’ and not ‘thread your needle’ –  you hold the thread still in one hand and you move the needle to the thread – I tried it and it does work… I still want one of those magical needle threaders though


We got Gifts!

As well as giving the group multiple sewing machines, Ian from Maddison’s came in with another large bag of goodies.

After cooling like mad people over the magical threader in a big bag of donations from Maddison’s, the house clearance specialist on Knights Hill, we found this… does anyone know what it is?

Maddison's gave us a box of tools - we would love to know what these are though - look complicated!!

I think the group have a new cool tin for all the buttons which Tara couldn’t resist buying in the shop.

They do have some cool stuff and I had to leave quick before I became tempted!