Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We had our last (of the year) Stitch session and we will be back on the 9th January

Merry Christmas

The little paper Christmas trees were made by the Stitchees for table decorations so a little ‘card’ was made 🙂

These were really popular at the fundraising stall at West Norwood Feast

Here’s a photo step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own. Bead and Cord

I like the cute yarn hat (on the red Christmas Tree in the first image).

Here’s a video tutorial by Handimania and if you don’t like videos then here’s the walk through with pictures. Handimania – Little yarn hats

If I had the patience I would try this one… lovely! Cargo Collective


A wonderful quilt created in response to the Paris attacks

Jackie, one of our very talented stitchees in her own words…RunnyCustard The Stitch 191215 WEB 001

It was just something I instantly wanted to do as soon as she I saw the image drawn by Jean Jullien – a French artist who lives in London, who has a website where he explains about the CND/Paris logo.  He posted it on social media and it went viral with others all over the world personalising it.

I saw it on the TV news and it just “spoke” to me, so to speak, so I felt I had to do something with it.

The quilt is composed of 130 squares to represent the 130 people who died.  There are 45 red and blue and 40 white squares.  It didn’t take long to make once I had decided how to – without thinking time probably about 24 hours in all.

The back of this wonderful textile wallhanging features hearts and the stitching of the symbol comes through.


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year

We hope to see you on the 9th January 😀

Bunting, bunting and even more bunting!

Crikey, there was a lot of bunting at todays Stitch session.

I’ve even have some next to my keyboard as I write this… seriously… bunting EVERYWHERE!

The sewing kits were all done as well – love hearts and rocket ships plus one of the Stitchees made a million cool bags that go with them. I have a feeling that a lot of sales will be to all the Stitchee’s – we will try to keep some for customers at The Feast on the 7th June 😛

There was a rebel in our mists … these are definitely not bunting!

That's not bunting!

That’s not bunting!

That's not bunting!

awwwww cute!

The Stitch Needs YOU!

to bring along old (or charity shop finds) t-shirts and jumpers


Well, we need to start preparing for our debut at the Feast on the 7th June where we will be selling items to help fundraise for our community group so we are asking if anyone can help us gather our supplies.


we plan to show and help members how to make the items themselves which they get to keep but, also make another which we can then sell at The Feast in West Norwood.

Upcycled Gadget Cover and Oyster Card Wallet

sound good?

We will be washing the clothing before we start making so, wool jumpers are best as they felt and shrink when added to a hot wash.

As you can see in the example photo above of Ipad / Gadget cases, Iphone sock and Oyster Card holder, you can use different parts of the jumper to embellish and the ribbing can save on sewing as it’s already a stretchy finished edge 🙂

If you are already on our email/newsletter list you will know about this weekends plans…

Saturday 9th May 11am – 2pm

Hello Stitchees!

There’s a few things to touch on and update you with.

Preparations for our stall at The Feast

This weeks project

Material request for next weeks project

Recruiting for more Hosts

AND that we are going to make BUNTING for our stall!  We would love everyone to get involved. So… come & make your own flag to attach! 🙂


Hopefully we will see you there


Stuffed Hearts and more…

Some preplanning of the Feast fundraiser for the Stitch group happened this session – some Stitchee’s came up with an idea to make love heart sewing kits and rocket ships too 🙂

There was also some skirt making and personal projects undertaken.

***All photos by Rob***

Apps for Crafters from U-Create u-create crafts useful blog posts

If you like digital tools to help your crafting then these apps mentioned on the U-Create Crafts website will be useful!

I’ve used the Craft Gawker app and it’s fab for finding tutorials and inspiration for your next project.

Stitch Minder for Knitters & Crocheters

How Much Thread Does It Take? (will be using that one!)

And one for quilters too so go check it out – just click the image above to visit U-Create Crafts website.

Fundraising for the The Stitch community group…

The Stitch and The Feast

The Stitch will have a stall at The Feast on the 7th June 2015 so I thought I would try mocking up a few ideas with a repeat pattern made from the logo and, look up tutorials for cool crafty items that the ‘Stitchees’ could make and sell.

I wont post up the mock ups just yet but what about a poster?

A printed version to sell at The Feast, and a downloadable digital version that can be sold on this website and all proceeds go towards the upkeep of the community group?

I’ve added some texture to this one – may try adding lines on the cotton reel…

The Stitch Logo with texture - fundraising poster

Any suggestions – what would you like The Stitch community group make?

I will have a tweak of the colours – the sewing machines need turning on this one. (update: I’ve added corrected versions of this at the end of this blog post)

I did make a repeat pattern in another colour range but will show that another time.

The Stitch poster version 1

The Stitch poster version 1

I think I’m rather liking these versions… blue versions too? 😉

The Stitch Logo with texture - fundraising poster - pink and green versions tweaked

The Stitch Logo with texture – fundraising poster – pink and green versions tweaked

tweaked some more…

The Stitch single sewing machine with textures version 2

The Stitch single sewing machine with textures version 2

all blue 'toss' sewing machines

all blue ‘toss’ sewing machines

Multi colour 'toss' sewing machines

Multi colour ‘toss’ sewing machines