Sensory Blankets, Japanese Knot Bags & Summer breaks

Sensory Blankets continued…

We ended up with so many blankets – it was a great fun project that was quite ‘freeing’ in that you can pick out buttons, zips and toys… even old CD/DVD’s and any odd bits of fabric that you have no idea what to do with but has a great texture to touch and explore.

Each blanket was backed with fleece fabric and they are rather warm to have on your lap – we couldn’t help but touch all the different textures and items that have been added to each of them.

Japanese Knot Bags

We also made some project bags – they make great gift bags too, the Japanese Knot Bag is great for holding your stitch session work ūüôā

You can find the free sewing pattern on Helen Heath website

I can’t find the flat project bag pattern we used for the stitch session but this is very similar and it doesn’t have darts to create the curved bottom so it’s a lot easier ūüôā

The strap and top of the bag can be folded over¬†so you have a little fabric bucket to pull out pins, threads etc when needed – then close it up and it’s ready for your next making session ūüôā

Summer Break for The Stitch!?

There will be some breaks coming up for The Stitch group due to people being away for holidays and work commitments so some of the sessions have been cancelled.

It’s thought that August may have be a summer break for the group and this weekend – the 23rd July could be the last session for awhile.

Here’s are Google Calendar¬†¬†and sign up page¬†or use the link below if you just want to jump to the form.

You can opt to have an email sent which we try to send each week saying what that weeks theme is or any other news – Email Notification

Hope everyone is enjoying the heat wave rather than turning¬†bright (painful) red like me ūüėČ




We are in the Guardian!

Some really cool news! We feature in an article about West Norwood in the Guardian (online). It’s a beautiful piece & I’m chuffed to bits.

Since it’s release yesterday, we’ve had 3 more new joiners too! ¬†I’m beaming from ear to ear!

Tara Kelly from craft collective The Stitch. Photograph: Rob Monk

Read it here:

Saturday 5th December: ¬†We will be making some Christmas inspired bits & bobs (I’ve been working on mini wooly hats for the Christmas tree decorations, courtesy of Helen’s post) to take with us to the FEAST Community Stall for the following day Sunday 6th December…. here we are… look at the concentration on our faces ūüôā

preparing for the fundraising session at WN Feast - 6th December 2015

preparing for the fundraising session at WN Feast - 6th Dec 2015

Some of the handmade goodies that will be on our stall at WN Feast:

Dates for your Diary!

6th December – West Norwood Feast fundraising stall for The Stitch

12th December – no Stitch session but you can go to the L’Arche Candle making Workshop – see below.

19th December – LAST STITCH for the year! We will be back on the 9th January 2016.

On Sunday 12th December: ¬†L’Arche are hosting a Candle Making Workshop, If you want to join in you need to register first via the L’Arche website & email ¬†


L'Arche London UK Candle making Workshop

More Aprons, Feast Fashion Show & Art Trail


I admit to thinking that Aprons would be boring but I have to say there were several ¬†stylish aprons created and now I’m jealous!

Feast Fashion Show!

Featuring¬†Tara, Helen, Kristin and more – so please come along and join in the fun. They have been practising their walking and poses ūüôā

There will be two shows, one at 1pm and the second at 2pm. All mod­elled by local people.

Feast Fashion Show 1st November 2015

The Feast blog

Feast Facebook Page:

Meet Up page:

Art Trail Weekend – No Stitch session.. but…

… you can still see some lovely creative work as L’Arche are taking part in the SE Art Trail Facebook¬†weekend running workshops plus some of the Rock Paper Scissors¬†members will be showing more of their Art in the L’Arche workshop so please go visit to see all the¬†fab art!¬†21st-22nd November


L’Arche’s & Rock Paper Scissors Christmas Fayre

is on the Sunday 22nd¬†and will be around the corner in their lovely garden…

L'Arche & RPS London Christmas Fayre 2015

Love Lambeth logo

Yay for Wayne of West Norwood Bzz Garage

Congratulations to Wayne from West Norwood Bzz Garage for winning the ‘Cleaner and Greener Community’ Award.

Do The Right Thing - logo

Wayne with his Award!

Wayne with his Award! (photo taken from the Bzz Garage Facebook page)

Cleaner and greener community award

‚ÄĘ Wayne Trevor

Wayne volunteered at the West Norwood Feasts, ran a Trade School growing edible flowers, and has helped local residents with their gardens. For the past year Wayne has dedicated a vast amount of time on a new project called the West Norwood Bzz Garage. He approached the garage and got their permission to transform the space with attractive bee-friendly plants.

(quoted from Love Lambeth Website – please visit the Love Lambeth Website to see the other winners – well done everyone!

Wayne receiving his award from the Mayor of Lambeth

Wayne receiving his award from the Mayor of Lambeth

Wayne’s project was part of The Open Works scheme to help people in the community to kick start their ideas and help them network with others – As you may already know, we also started with The Open Works project as well as¬†Rock Paper Scissors London group¬† – there are many other groups that are still growing from the Lambeth project which you can read more about it here. The Open Works¬†you will also find their report – which is very stylish and huge! and goes into the why and how plus on how to expand the project to the other parts of the UK!

Please note the photos are from the sites you can visit by clicking on the images РI was unable to see names of who took them so if you know then I can credit them on this blog post.

This blog post has also been posted on The Rock Paper Scissors London¬†website – Wayne helped the Stitch members to harvest the Lavender outside the West Norwood Bus Station to use for their crafts and helped drag all their materials and sewing machines to their storage place, so he is a very helpful man! ūüėÄ

We are going to the Lambeth Country Show!

The Stitch session this Saturday has been cancelled because we are very proud to be entering the West Norwood Bzz Garage banner in a competition at the Lambeth Country Show so please come visit us!

Wayne from Bzz Garage West Norwood gave us the banner we made to show off at the Feast stall :-)

L’Arche¬†– our lovely hosts of our community group sessions will also be there with a selection of their¬†handmade candles, cards, gifts, jewellery, decoupage frames which they make in their workshops.

Some more fab candles handmade by the workshop members at L'Arch

L'Arche handmade products

L'Arche handmade products



The Lambeth Country Show is on at  Brockwell Park on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July, Now in its 41st year and organised by EventLambeth,


Lambeth Country Show 2015


Lambeth Country Show 2015 Twitter

Lambeth Country Show Facebook Page

The fundraising stall at the Feast - did very well and lots of interested people - hoorah!

A Feast of Stitchery…

The Stitch community group fundraiser at the Feast in West Norwood was a great day! ¬†With¬†beautiful¬†sunshine, tonnes of¬†goodies lovingly made, and lots of friendly folk¬†(this last bit is¬†not a surprise at all ūüôā

The Stitch¬†smashed the¬†target of ¬£90, managing to raise¬†¬£142.05! ¬†Amazing. ¬†We can now afford our¬†very own overlocker –¬†we have been waiting¬†for this day! ¬†A huge thank you to all Stitchees for getting so involved and¬†making this happen! ¬†Each Stitchee¬†made a little trinket (or a few trinkets… or heaps)¬†to put on the stall for donation; AND we learned new skills at the same time! ¬†And thank you to all of the lovely volunteers for manning¬†the stall and¬†spreading the word. ¬†It was a fun day! ¬†4pm came in a flash.

We¬†did unbelievably well, interesting a lot of new members¬†who signed up to our community project – Hoorah!… ¬†New Stitchees… We look forward seeing you again¬†ūüôā

We even found a couple¬†of (potential) new volunteers who will be able to host and lend some advice¬†on some¬†Saturday mornings –¬†I am keeping my fingers crossed. ¬†If you have some spare time on Saturday’s between 11-2pm and are interested to host, maybe you have have a yarn or textile skill, or like to blog and have the¬†social media bug,¬†then please drop us an email: ¬†Or pop along to see us for a chat, get a feel for what we do and what we are all about – You’re gonna love it, I’m sure ūüôā

The fundraising stall at the Feast - did very well and lots of interested people - hoorah!

The fundraising stall at the Feast

We all wore scarfs that featured sewing machines.

We all wore scarves that featured sewing machines (It’s the only “uniform” that I’ve ever liked!)

talking to lots of locals about our group.

Star host Zoe, spreading the word to lots of locals about this project.

Just as well we had lots of 'stock'!

Just as well we had lots of ‘stock’!

Kids loved these and a few adults too.

These cute little crochet bags were a huge hit! Filled with sweets so¬†kids loved them – they got a big discount too ūüėČ Truth be told¬†the adults loved them too

Wayne from BZZ Garage West Norwood lent us the Bzz Banner which The Stitch had made for their stall and their planting projects back in April.  So we hung it up for people to see some of our community handy work.  Lenny was able to get a decent picture of the central bee this time too.

The central Bee with Clara's Stitched letters and Lenny's Bee - a little dry needle felted bee with a big grin likes to be centre stage!

The central Bee with Carla’s Stitched letters and Lenny’s Bee – a little dry needle felted bee with a big grin that just had to bee centre stage!

Wayne from Bzz Garage West Norwood gave us the banner we made to show off at the Feast stall :-)

Wayne from Bzz Garage West Norwood gave us the banner we made to show off at the Feast stall ūüôā

Wayne from Bzz Garage West Norwood gave us the banner we made to show off at the Feast stall :-)

We do still have some hand crafted goodies available for a donation.  If you are interested in supporting us then let us know and we will put something aside for you.  You can come in to visit and learn whenever you like too (well, Saturdays between 11-2pm)

We may be able to¬†showcase¬†them in¬†L’Arche shop alongside their fab candles (have you noticed their new candle colours and shapes yet?) greeting cards, decorations, (occasionally) seedlings (their tomato plants were popular!) and also the Rock Paper Scissors Collective¬†who sell their handmade art, textiles, home decorations and gifts made by local people) so pop in and say hi ūüôā

Again thank you to everyone who contributed their time, skill, help and support.

We all hope you had a great day ūüôā

She will probably throttle me with a professionally made quilted item :-)

Jackie will probably throttle me with a professionally made quilted item for taking this picture ūüôā

Sunny and hot day with lots of people relaxing in the grounds of St Luke's Church

Hot and sunny¬†day; people relaxing in the grounds of St Luke’s Church

Spring is here!

On Saturday we’ll begin work on a banner for our friends at West Norwood Bzz Garage. We’ll start by creating bee friendly flowers in fabric and yarn (and maybe some bees too!).
Things to bring if you can:
  • Crochet hooks if you have them
  • Yarn scraps
  • Fabric scraps
  • Embroidery silk or cotton
Let’s make tons of flowers!
  • Hosts will be:¬†Rachel, Zoe, Lenny & Emily
See you on Saturday!

Click on the below images to visit Bzz Garage’s Facebook page to find out more about them – part of The Open Works Community Projects.
BzzGarage Logo Bee Poster for Bzz Garage

We’re just getting dressed …

The Stitch has been running as an Open Works project since October and we’re just about to get a new website of our own. We’ve been busy writing up all our news and organising photographs in between crafting, stitching, family and work. We’re almost ready to launch the site, so watch this space!

In the meantime, why not follow us on social media over there —-> to hear our news.

See you next Saturday!