Skirts ahoy!

Well, our fingers have finally recovered from the mammoth stitch session of last Saturday! Didn’t the banner look great? I was so proud to see our work hanging up at Feast and enjoyed planting some sunflower seeds for the WN Bzz Garage.

This coming week it will be creative mending – bring your worn out and unravelling clothing and household stuff and fix them up.

Looking ahead to Saturday 18th and 25th April we’ll be making SKIRTS. We thought that it would be good to give a bit more notice for those who’d like to join in this project as you’ll need to get a few supplies.

We’ll make either this skirt or this one – depending your level of skill. (Thanks to those two talented bloggers whose work I’m sharing here.)

If you are a beginner, or want to be sure to finish in two weeks, I recommend the first one which has a simple elasticated waist. If you can sew a straight seam on a machine you can make this! There’s no pattern – you measure your body to get it right for you and mark out straight onto the fabric. If we felt ambitious we could even add a pocket or embellish the hem. I’ll be making this skirt – I hope to find a wild 1970s curtain or tablecloth for this project!

The other skirt is more complicated to make but lovely to wear. You start by tracing the pattern onto your own paper, to your size, then cut your fabric. I made a similar skirt from the book just before Easter and it worked beautifully. (NB The largest pattern is a small-ish UK 14.) It does take longer though (about 5-6 hours for me and I am a fairly experienced sewer) and you might not finish it within the two Stitch sessions. This would be a good project for someone who has sewn a simple garment before and wants to move onto the next stage of following a pattern and inserting a zip.

If you want to join in, here’s what you need:

1m – 1.5m of 45″ wide fabric (depending how long you want your skirt) for Skirt 1 or 2m of 45″ wide fabric for Skirt 2. You can buy dress fabric (check out the links on our site for local shops and other sites with good recommendations) Even better (and cheaper!) you could repurpose some charity shop curtains, bedlinen or a tablecloth. The fabric should not be a stretchy knit or jersey. This design will work best in a cotton/linen fabric – and that’s also great for beginners (and our aged sewing machines).

Thread to match your fabric. I always buy two reels for a project like this. Choose a decent quality poly-cotton thread – I find cheap thread always snaps and is a false economy.

For Skirt 1 you will need a length of elastic 3cm wide and long enough to go around  your waist.

For Skirt 2 you will need an 18cm invisible zipper.

For Skirt 2 you’ll also need some tissue paper or pattern paper to trace the pattern.

If you can bring your own scissors, pins, tailors chalk and tape measure that’s great although we do have those things for you to borrow if you don’t have them already.

Happy mending on Saturday and looking forward to seeing us all twirling in our new skirts by the end of April!

~ Rachel ~