We are going to the Lambeth Country Show!

The Stitch session this Saturday has been cancelled because we are very proud to be entering the West Norwood Bzz Garage banner in a competition at the Lambeth Country Show so please come visit us!

Wayne from Bzz Garage West Norwood gave us the banner we made to show off at the Feast stall :-)

L’Arche – our lovely hosts of our community group sessions will also be there with a selection of their handmade candles, cards, gifts, jewellery, decoupage frames which they make in their workshops.

Some more fab candles handmade by the workshop members at L'Arch

L'Arche handmade products

L'Arche handmade products



The Lambeth Country Show is on at  Brockwell Park on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July, Now in its 41st year and organised by EventLambeth,


Lambeth Country Show 2015


Lambeth Country Show 2015 Twitter

Lambeth Country Show Facebook Page

Come to see our Bzz Garage Banner at The Feast Tomorrow!

We finished the Bzz Garage Banner!

I was sceptical but the ‘Stitchees’ did it and still managed to have a chat, laugh and eat chocolate 🙂

Lots more pictures to come and we will be at the Feast to see the banner in it’s new home – some come join in some Easter Fun 🙂

Bzz Garage Banner being assembled by The Stitch members

Bzz Garage Banner being assembled by The Stitch members

The little wingless Bee is looking forward to meeting more Bees.

click image to visit Bzz Garage Facebook page

West Norwood Feast Facebook Group Link

West Norwood Feast Facebook Group Link


A couple of photos from The Feast and the Bzz Garage Banner hanging in the community stall which is just inside the gates on the right hand side.

St Luke's Church on Feast Day

St Luke’s Church on Feast Day – the first of the year

The Bzz Garage Banner hanging at the Stall at The Feast

The Bzz Garage Banner hanging at the Stall at The Feast

Line up

Bee’s are Clever!

Today’s Stitch session was making more items for The Norwood Bzz Garage Banner .

Poppies, Bluebells and Foxgloves (no photo of the last one as yet but I promise you it’s lovely!)

fabric yo yos with pom poms

Bzzz Garage Banner Continued

The banner for West Norwood Bzz Garage has started and lots have been done but lots still to do.

These are the Bzz, I mean Bee’s and flower list that we want to highlight in the banner but mixed with general / abstract florals as well.

Buff-tailed bumblebee,
Common Carder Bee

Early Bumblebee or Early-nesting Bumblebee
Ajuga Reptans, bugle bugleherb, bugleweed, carpetweed, bungleweed, common bugle
Ribes Sanguineum ‘Pulborough Scarlet’ flowering currant
Pussy Willow,
Lamium album, commonly called white nettle or white dead Nettle
Bluebell – started
Pulmonaria winter flowering heather

White-tailed Bumblebee – 2 done
Cree Bumblebee
Red-tailed Bumblebee
Garden Bumblebee – 1 done
Ruderal Bumblebee

Ceanothus – 1 completed.
Everlasting Pea

We had several people learning how to crochet flowers today…

Biscuits, Tea and Coffee helps :-)

Biscuits, Tea and Coffee helps 🙂

…and a few others who helped making some letters for the banner ‘Open to All’ will feature at the bottom of the banner.

Little Bee's and other letters

A lovely lady gave the group several pieces of fabric that has lines of Roses printed in rows and I think that will look great along the sides or all over 😉

She also made some shower caps and clown hats for mice… ok, not really, she made lots of fabric Yo Yo’s (Suffolk Puffs?) but I think they look like very cool accessories for mice!
fabric yo yos with pom poms

fabric yo yos with pom poms

Here’s some Bee’s on a Ceanothus Flower – it’s part of the family: Rhamnaceae. Also known as the California Lilac, Wild Lilac, and Soap Bush and is from the Greek word meaning “spiny plant”.

We are learning a lot about Bees and plants – I didn’t realise Bees had different coloured bottoms!

Little Bee on a Ceanothus Plant (felt) Little Bee on a Ceanothus Plant (felt)