Photos of various candles and equipment for the candle making workshop at L'Arche

Candle Making at L’Arche – another session soon!

Fab Candles at L’Arche Craft Workshop

The Candle making workshop at L’Arche in West Norwood was a great success – lots of people came and another workshop is being planned!

Some people asked if it was every weekend!

Here are some photos of the day – lots of lovely candles and a few ice candles were made too (the round ones with ‘holes’ in them which are beautiful) – the workshop was suppose to last a couple of hours but it went on all day – some people had to go back in order to finish the candles.

Another workshop will happen possibly the last week of November but we will post up information soon. (see below for L’Arche social media links and for Rock Paper Scissors & The Stitch who will be posting when it will be)

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Szilvia makes a candle…

… and makes her mother proud 😀

Szilvia of ‘Fitness with Szilvia‘ and ‘Szilvia’s Pets‘ making her candle – a lot of people put colours in the wrong way around – the candle is made upside down – Szilvia’s colour scheme is based on a flame which is appropriate! – click the links to visit her facebook pages. (She has yet to decide on the name of her fitness business so the page is currently ‘Szilvia’s Fitness’ – I personally like the first version 😉

Fitness with Szilvia at L'Arche Candle Making Workshop

Pin Cushions, The Magic Threader and Maddisons

The (now huge) bag of goodies that are to be sold at The Feast on the 7th June is getting bit and this Saturday’s Stitchees made lots of pin cushions and cushion covers for the stall – we evan had two boys help make labels in preparation for the stall. They even left comments on our wipe-board saying they really enjoyed themselves and want to come back. 😀

Some of the finished ‘products’ for The Feast stall 🙂

We spent some time cooing over a magic needle threader… never thought I personally would do that but seriously, it was cool. Pop the needle in, press the little leaver and the needle comes out threaded and there is a little blade to cut the end of the thread.

If you are like me and starting to need magnifying glasses to thread needles then this is fab!

I did see a tutorial over on Creativebug that said you should ‘needle your thread’ and not ‘thread your needle’ –  you hold the thread still in one hand and you move the needle to the thread – I tried it and it does work… I still want one of those magical needle threaders though


We got Gifts!

As well as giving the group multiple sewing machines, Ian from Maddison’s came in with another large bag of goodies.

After cooling like mad people over the magical threader in a big bag of donations from Maddison’s, the house clearance specialist on Knights Hill, we found this… does anyone know what it is?

Maddison's gave us a box of tools - we would love to know what these are though - look complicated!!

I think the group have a new cool tin for all the buttons which Tara couldn’t resist buying in the shop.

They do have some cool stuff and I had to leave quick before I became tempted!

Decorative Brooches

Decorative brooches

Fabulous Flower Brooches at todays session

Other crafty pieces being worked on which included cross stitch, knitting, dry needle felting and sewing.

We were inspired by Gone To Earth where she gives a tutorial on how to make these – you can find that here


Needle Felting at The Stitch

On Saturday 14th February we got together some dry needle felting supplies for people to have a go at this fun and useful craft.

Not only can you sculpt cute characters you can also embellish and decorate anything you like.

Maduko ( a new Stitcher and expert needle-felter) and Lenny guided us through the process of creating both 3D and flat designs.

Here are some of the examples that feature needle felting – I want to make them all!!

Betty, who unfortunately wasn’t in today has created needle felting sculpture on a huge scale – this frog was sold…

Betty's Needle Felted Frog - now sold

Betty’s Needle Felted Frog – now sold

Betty's Needle Felted Frog - now sold

Betty’s Needle Felted Frog – now sold

She spins the wool, dies it then needle felts the whole thing – very labour intensive.


We had a go at needle felting and some people made embellishments including these wonderful examples which will be turned into a zipped purse:

Rachel's needle felted swirl on a felted jumper

Rachel’s needle felted swirl on a felted jumper

another Stitchee's needle felted swirl on a felted jumper

another Stitchee’s needle felted swirl on a felted jumper

Some felt balls that one person wanted to be a necklace – think bold ‘perl’ necklace and the other will had a brooch back added for a cool accessory.

felting balls for a bold necklace

felting balls for a bold necklace

Others made animal like shapes – this one is by a person who has made some wonderful needle felted sculpture before and she made this great Japanese character who just needs some legs added (she also made them with wire so they can be posed and modelled).

Japanese needle felted character

Japanese needle felted character

Japanese needle felted character

Japanese needle felted character

I made a small cat as I want to make a cat doll for my baby niece and I thought the doll would like it’s own doll as well.

Needle felted little cat

Needle felted little cat

A flamboyant fish challenged the Japanese character

Needle felted fish - love that single tooth!

Needle felted fish – love that single tooth!

Face off

Face off

Needle Felting Face off

Needle Felting Face off

Needle Felting Face off

Needle Felting Face off

In Other Stitching Business, sewing machines were set running and a new Stitcher not only got to grips with her brand new machine but fixed a zip in a skirt with Carla’s help. Mavis carried on with her patchwork and there was a lot of looking through the Great British Sewing Bee pattern book while eating biscuits – planning, is, after all, essential!

Needle Felting at The Stitch & other creative projects.

Tara made some pants for her cat – hoorah! Irish Super pants?!?

Cat in Super Pants

Cat in Super Pants

Dress making

Dress making

Patchwork - advance level! Basting stitches help plan!

Patchwork – advance level! Basting stitches help plan!

I wonder what we will be making next… we do plan to repeat projects if people want to try things out so don’t panic!!