Stuffed Hearts and more…

Some preplanning of the Feast fundraiser for the Stitch group happened this session – some Stitchee’s came up with an idea to make love heart sewing kits and rocket ships too 🙂

There was also some skirt making and personal projects undertaken.

***All photos by Rob***

Have a Serger?

One of our co-hosts lent her Serger to The Stitch and we were at a loss at how to thread the needle (it has four reels gargh!!!!).

Thankfully a few new local members popped in and fixed it for us – hopefully they will become regulars but if they don’t then we need to bookmark this video at Creative Bug!

Creativebug video on threading a Serger

Creativebug video on threading a Serger

Creativebug have lots of free lessons on various subjects from sewing, jewellery making, mixed media and more so go check them out.

Decorative Brooches

Decorative brooches

Fabulous Flower Brooches at todays session

Other crafty pieces being worked on which included cross stitch, knitting, dry needle felting and sewing.

We were inspired by Gone To Earth where she gives a tutorial on how to make these – you can find that here