Photo borrowed from Bzz Garage Facebook page :-)

Lavender Harvesting…

Wayne from West Norwood Bzz Garage (we have mentioned them before ;-)) let us harvest some Lavender to use in our group.

So the week before we went to West Norwood Bus Garage which had some lovely huge sunflowers growing as well as a variety of other plants and Wayne told us what to do.

You snip the lavender near where the leaves are sprouting and only on the Lavender that has gone a little brown and the blue flowers have dried up – you then put them in a bunch with some string and hang them up to dry for the week – we then picked off (rubbed) into a bag to bring back to the Stitch group.

This is what was made from some of the Lavender that was collected 🙂

Lavendar Bags - Lavendar harvested from West Norwood Bzz Garage

Some of the other stitchees continued with their own projects and one wanted to learn to quilt from our resident super duper quilter – Jackie 🙂

Stabbing Kittens continued…

oh dear… must stop saying that but here are two cats that got finished 🙂

My little niece cuddling her needle felted kitten bracelet – which she wouldn’t actually wear!

My little niece cuddling her needle felted kitten

L’Arche shop area and Open Garden

Feel free to pop in Saturday between 11-2pm – note the shop area of L’Arche is being redecorated and L’Arche are also having their Open Garden around the corner from 12-5pm so please pop along to visit them for music, food and more!

L'Arche Community Garden Open Day

The Stitch Needle Session Felted Cat 080815 001

Stabbing Little Kittens (gargh!)

Saturdays session of the Stitch featured stabbing at speed at little cute cats bodies, heads and ears… sounds evil! Well, relax we were making needle felted cat bracelets – Madoka had made her own and we were knocked over by it’s fab/cool/cute factor so we decided to have a go our selves! This is Madoka’s cat bracelets (click on the images to see larger versions and descriptions)

Madoka Angel's Needle Felted Cat bracelet Here’s a few pics from Saturday’s session…

You can keep up with Madoka’s creations via her Madoka Angel facebook page and Madoka Angel Instagram Elaine from Bunting and Pops (also a member of Rock Paper Scissors London) had never heard of dry needle felting and couldn’t figure out how a lump of wool roving turned into this fab little cat but she gave it a go… and then annoyed everyone by making this…. how cute it this little guy! (gargh… mine is still a blue lump and in bits)

scroll down for links to start needle felting for yourself!

Finished Fascinator!

Begona – one of the co-hosts at the Stitch brought in her finished Fascinator. locally sourced elements too – literally, she found the feathers at her local park 😀

Needle Felting supplies:

You can get kits but you can buy each element separately – all you need to get started is a set of needles, a sponge (from the pound shop!) and some roving tops (it’s like wool before being spun into yarn balls!)

As needle felting has become popular you can now find some of the bits you need in craft shops but online tends to be easier in finding it all in one go.


Needles: the important bit!

I got a mixed pack of needles but find that I’m using a medium most of the time (red tipped)

The Little Grasshopper on Etsy – Chester UK – (click image to visit shop) 10 needles – £3.65 + 68p)

you will need a pack of needles as it’s easy to break them when you first start!

TheLittleGrasshopper on Etsy - Needle Felting supplies

Just a Day Dream – Wales UK – Etsy shop – 10 medium needles in container £6.50 + 1.20 p&p)

some info I found on my search around the web about needle gauges and what to use them for – I think most people that I’ve met use a medium and fine… but that’s why I would buy a mixed set to start with – so you can try them out and ‘gauge’ it yourself! 😉

Course Needles

  • The 32 Gauge Triangular has 3 barbs a side – coarse fibres and starting 
  • The 36 Gauge Triangular has 3 barbs a side – starting and shaping 
  • The 36 Gauge Star has 2 barbs a side – faster starting and working 

Medium Needles

  • The 38 Gauge Triangular has 2 barbs a side – shaping and working (red tip)
  • The 38 Gauge Star has 2 barbs a side – Faster working and shaping 
  • The 38 Gauge Twisted needle has 2 barbs a side – even felting and smoothing 

Fine Needles

  • The 40 Gauge Twisted needle has 2 barbs a side – even felting, smoothing 
  • The 40 Gauge Triangular has 2 barbs a side – working and detail
  • The 42 Gauge Triangular has 1 barb a side – fine detail 
  • The 40 Gauge Reverse / Inverted has 1 barbs a side – fluffing surfaces 

You don’t need a needle holder – I have tried the wood holders that you can buy but I either just use the needle on it’s own or (more recently) I’ve started using the plastic pen type of holder which is actually quite good – you can use 3 needles at once – useful when you first start stabbing large bits of roving into a base shape – then you can change to a single needle which is far better for smaller/detailed elements. (click image to visit the Amazon page)

Clover Pen style needle Felting tool


Heidi Feathers – Cheltenham UK – £25 (there’s another kit for £13,99 that looks cool too!)

This looks good if it’s a gift (for you or someone else!) as it comes in a nice box, instructions, finger guards (not totally necessary), mat, selection of Merino tops in lots of colours, needles in various sizes (which is good if you don’t know what you are doing!) – click image to visit her ebay shop – she is on Amazon as well – Heidi Feathers Amazon shop and sells each element separately

Heidifeathers Needle Felting Starter Kit


Another starter kit by MaxExpress4U on Ebay – Bristol UK – £16.99

maxexpress4u Needle Felting kit on ebay


TryToGet0 – Newton Aycliffe, Durham UK – £10.00

Try To Get0 ebay shop


If you don’t want to buy a kit and you want to just the basics (which the above to cover but some bits are unnecessary)


I did buy a pack of these from Amazon – £3.95 + 1.75 delivery from the Wool Barn – UK and they sell them in different colour tones and a mix selection too – I would recommend getting a mix of colours for your first go.

The Wool Barn Merino Wool Roving Tops


Video tutorials – free ones.

This is very good on how to even plan your needle felted item… in this case cute animals. (doesn’t show closeup though)

Baby Alpaca tutorial – cute!

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 15.36.10

Needle Felting 101 – gives info on lots of needle felting equipment and roving… and even tips on wet felting – we tried that on Saturday and it really does speed things up!!! (just a bowl of water and a little soap – I thought it was far more complicated but it really isn’t!)

  • maybe we can get Madoka to add her thoughts on needle felting 🙂

ps: just found this on Etsy – tutorial pdf of a spat cat bookmark – made me laugh 😀

splat cat needle felted bookmark tutorial pdf pattern



Needle Felting at The Stitch

On Saturday 14th February we got together some dry needle felting supplies for people to have a go at this fun and useful craft.

Not only can you sculpt cute characters you can also embellish and decorate anything you like.

Maduko ( a new Stitcher and expert needle-felter) and Lenny guided us through the process of creating both 3D and flat designs.

Here are some of the examples that feature needle felting – I want to make them all!!

Betty, who unfortunately wasn’t in today has created needle felting sculpture on a huge scale – this frog was sold…

Betty's Needle Felted Frog - now sold

Betty’s Needle Felted Frog – now sold

Betty's Needle Felted Frog - now sold

Betty’s Needle Felted Frog – now sold

She spins the wool, dies it then needle felts the whole thing – very labour intensive.


We had a go at needle felting and some people made embellishments including these wonderful examples which will be turned into a zipped purse:

Rachel's needle felted swirl on a felted jumper

Rachel’s needle felted swirl on a felted jumper

another Stitchee's needle felted swirl on a felted jumper

another Stitchee’s needle felted swirl on a felted jumper

Some felt balls that one person wanted to be a necklace – think bold ‘perl’ necklace and the other will had a brooch back added for a cool accessory.

felting balls for a bold necklace

felting balls for a bold necklace

Others made animal like shapes – this one is by a person who has made some wonderful needle felted sculpture before and she made this great Japanese character who just needs some legs added (she also made them with wire so they can be posed and modelled).

Japanese needle felted character

Japanese needle felted character

Japanese needle felted character

Japanese needle felted character

I made a small cat as I want to make a cat doll for my baby niece and I thought the doll would like it’s own doll as well.

Needle felted little cat

Needle felted little cat

A flamboyant fish challenged the Japanese character

Needle felted fish - love that single tooth!

Needle felted fish – love that single tooth!

Face off

Face off

Needle Felting Face off

Needle Felting Face off

Needle Felting Face off

Needle Felting Face off

In Other Stitching Business, sewing machines were set running and a new Stitcher not only got to grips with her brand new machine but fixed a zip in a skirt with Carla’s help. Mavis carried on with her patchwork and there was a lot of looking through the Great British Sewing Bee pattern book while eating biscuits – planning, is, after all, essential!

Needle Felting at The Stitch & other creative projects.

Tara made some pants for her cat – hoorah! Irish Super pants?!?

Cat in Super Pants

Cat in Super Pants

Dress making

Dress making

Patchwork - advance level! Basting stitches help plan!

Patchwork – advance level! Basting stitches help plan!

I wonder what we will be making next… we do plan to repeat projects if people want to try things out so don’t panic!!